We care for all families!

Tiny Tots Tabernacle Childcare is the first program in the State of Illinois to obtain a QRS star 3 with accreditation.

Military families

If you have a love one that is currently active or involved in the United States Army we welcome your family.  Tiny Tots Tabernacle Childcare we will guarantee that your young one will enjoy his-her time while being here.

Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are welcome in our programs. Inclusion is encouraged

Single Parent Families

Being a single parent can be very difficult especially when you have to work and complete multiple tasks all in a day. Here at Tiny Tots Tabernacle Childcare we work together with our families to relive as much stress as possible. You can be assure that your child will be safe when present in our care.


Being in divorce or having to go through a divorce can be a very life changing act on a love one(Your Children). If you are in a divorce or have already had a divorce we are here for you. If one parent wants to drop the child off and the other parents wants to pick he/she up that would be encourage.

Low Income Families

No, Family is excluded. We are here to provide quality care to all families in Illinois.

Here at Tiny Tots Tabernacle Childcare we strive to reach many goals and one of main goals are to make sure families are happy with our services. If you have any questions, contact us via contact page, email or call we will respond to you within 24 hours.